Todd Owen - Upright & Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals

Todd is known for his masterful playing of the "Doghouse" upright bass and is equally adept at manipulating twang from a Gretsch or Telecaster (his nickname around town is "Telemaster"). He began playing guitar as a young boy emulating his father, Wayne Owen, who fronted bands while Todd was growing up. Todd was gigging regularly by the time he was 15 with his fatherís band SUMMER WINDE. A few years later, Jeff joined SUMMER WINDE and the two have been playing together ever since.

Todd has also played guitar in the Minneapolis country outfit LAZY IKE AND THE DAREDEVILS as well as Rochester variety bands JAGGED EASE and ADAMíS EVE.

In addition to NASHVEGAS, Todd fronts and plays upright bass in the retro rockabilly group HILLBILLY SWING KINGS.

Lucas Christiansen - Upright & Electric Bass, Guitar, Vocals

The man, the myth, the LEGEND!

Jeff Stewart - Drums, Vocals

Waseca born and Rochester raised, Jeff first cut his teeth in the drumming world with a Muppets drum set at the age of 4. It wasnít until he was in high school and got his first job that Jeff was able to obtain his first real drum set at the age of 16. All those years of air drumming along to his favorite albums paid off and Jeff quickly made up for lost time by joining his first gigging band, SUMMER WINDE, just two years later. It was in this band 20 years ago that Jeff first shared the stage with fellow NASHVEGAS member and long-time friend, Todd. After a long run with SUMMER WINDE, Jeff and Todd would share the stage again with JAGGED EASE.

After his time in JAGGED EASE, Jeff dove into the Twin Cities music scene with the rock band THE EFFENHEIMER SISTERS as well as a year-long stint with THE CLEANEST DIRTY SHIRT COMBO, a Johnny Cash tribute band.

Jeff made his return to the SE Minnesota music scene to join forces once again with Todd to form NASHVEGAS.